Song of Highway 1 South:

A Boy's Journey Through Abuse, Neglect and Fantastic Sunsets



Eddie Kedge's forthcoming memoir explores the darkest spaces in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Set in Laguna Beach, California his true story of child sex abuse spirals into the depths of the human psyche and asks how we make sense of anything when everything becomes its own opposite? Wrong is right and the town everyone calls a paradise turns into burning perdition.  

Song of Highway 1 South
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Eddie was shy and friendless. He was the kind of a boy far more accustomed to getting rocks thrown at him than fitting in. After his father ran off he spent most of his time at his grandmother's house. When Eddie started school in Laguna he became an   immediate target.


"I'm gonna kick your ass after school," said the bully. 


Eddie ran away and escaped straight into the grips of a sexual predator. The kidnapper saw him on Highway 1 and he stalked Eddie. He chased him down. The man murdered a child that night. It was only his body that survived.

With his parents in denial about the violent attack and sexual assault, Eddie sank into isolation, detachment and depression. He harbored thoughts of suicide and started drinking alone in his room. 


But he found a form of refuge in the hills and sky, the canyons and meadows that surround the town of Laguna Beach. Eddie's constant comfort was this chaparral. But as his isolation deepened, not even the stunning beauty of Laguna's greenbelt could curb the hurt he'd been told to forget.

As the decade of the 1980s closed Eddie found himself increasingly unable to cope. He saw the guys he knew at school like Taylor Hawkins, future drummer for the Foo Fighters, growing into themselves. As boys like Taylor developed  positive identities, Eddie descended further into self-loathing and self-destruction. He hardly ever left his room.  His parents made half-hearted stabs at therapy for him, lining up quacks who only deepened the wounds, making him doubt the legitimacy of the entire mental health professional. All shrinks ever did was dole bad advice and make Eddie feel more broken. The only resort was a life of drugs and alcohol. Laguna Beach was a party town. It had plenty of both. 

But while the drugs numbed the pain and the booze passed the time his distorted urge to die never diminished. Read SONG of HIGHWAY 1 SOUTH and discover how Eddie made it out alive!

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