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July 31, 2017

You Have Permission



One reason it’s so difficult to find wellness is that we don’t allow ourselves the permission to do what’s needed. I’ll say that another way: we’ll go on feeling bad because we haven’t given ourselves the permission to feel good. In fact, some people may not even know how.


An obvious example is the food we allow ourselves. Greasy burgers, fries and a giant drink are a cheap and easy fill-up. Sometimes, a  double bacon cheeseburger is just what the doctor ordered. But now, for the first time ever, American consumers are spending more on prepared foods than groceries. Instead of healthier, home-cooked meals, we’re eating someone else’s high salt, high fat, high calorie recipe for obesity.


The reasons are innumerable but typically they all boil down to time and money. People can justify their poor eating habits any way they want but once you’ve given yourself permission to feel better by make healthy eating a priority, those excuses become as limp as yesterday’s French fries.


We tell ourselves we don’t deserve certain things as if health and healing were luxuries only afforded to others. Sometimes, we're in such deep denial we think bad choices are right for us. That's when people will just shake their heads. They'll assume you've gone stupid. No one says a thing because you can't fix stupid.


Those of us with chronic conditions might believe we’ll never find long-term stability so we quit trying new approaches. But once we give ourselves the permission to find wellness, the specific barriers that made good excuses now channel us into other avenues for finding health. First, we must give ourselves permission to try.


Trying new things is the hardest part. New things invite uncertainty and uncertainty invites failure. No one likes to fail --write that down. It’s a short-sighted bargain, though. Continuing with an unhealthy set of behaviors and/or thought patterns because change seems too disruptive is a sure way to stagnate into terminal unhappiness.


It starts with granting permission. You deserve health and happiness and the feeling of well-being, like anyone else. Some of us must travel a lot farther to find that place. If that’s you, then give yourself permission to take the long road. Grant yourself permission to fail along that rocky path. It's okay. Everyone falls down. Everyone endures set backs. Some of us are better at nose-diving straight into the ground than others. It’s okay. Give yourself permission to pick up the pieces. Give yourself permission to take as long as you need. Then give yourself permission to try and try again.

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